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Five ways to increase house value

We have all spent more time at home over the last months and there is no doubt it’s made many of us consider how we could increase the value of our house by making improvements or additions to spruce the place up a bit, be it a bit of wallpapering or purchasing those new windows, doors or conservatory.

However, significant home improvements can be expensive and it’s also useful to consider whether this cost will in the long-term increase house value.

So with house prices now at an all-time high and mortgages becoming harder to come by you may be putting that house move on the back-burner and instead start to improve, renovate and expand rather than move, but with the idea of moving still there at some point.

So here are our top five tips to help improve your home and increase house value at the same time.

1. Decorate

A fresh lick of paint, some new wallpaper is a quick, simple and cheap way to freshen up your home and increase house value. This is a must if you are planning to move because it will create a fresh, clean and modern look for any potential viewers, while also adding value to the property.

2. Get the garden up to scratch

Both the front and back garden can be overlooked but sprucing them up can be very beneficial. Consider updating your back garden by adding a patio, some modern decking, a fresh lush lawn or a UPVC patio cover or canopy. Transforming your garden into a multi-purpose space that can be used all year round, will not only create extra space, but will also increase value.

3. Get planning permission

It may sound odd but in some instances you don’t even need to upgrade your home to add value to the property. All you need to simply do is to spend a little bit of cash on applying and getting planning permission for an extension. This can add thousands to the property value, because it not only shows the expansion possibilities to potential buyers but it also saves them the hassle of going through this process.

4. Add a modern conservatory/orangery

A modern conservatory will both merge indoors with outdoors, while also increasing your living space. Also, conservatories are considered to be planning permitted provided you meet various limits and conditions. A conservatory will also be able to extend your living room, downstairs for the children to play, or a home office for the new way of working. So not only will a conservatory give you much needed extra space and light, but it will also increase house value too.

5. Add a downstairs toilet

Adding a downstairs toilet can be a big attraction to a variety of new buyers and can add value to your property. Meanwhile it can be money well spent to have that additional loo for the growing family and also if mobility is becoming an issue it will save the issue of constantly going up and downstairs.

And finally, before you start – ask the experts

Ensure if you’re getting a contractor in to build that conservatory or downstairs toilet to get at a recommended three quotes and opinions before making a decision.