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3 steps to keep your home warm & save money!

The nights are now starting to draw in and most people’s thoughts turn to finding the best ways to keep your home warm. The thermometer is only going down and the heating will be going on, if it isn’t already, and so obviously heating bills will go up! And so to help, we’ve created these simple steps to heat your home for less.

We all want to save to money on our heating costs and the ways we can do this, because they can hit us hard us at those times such as Christmas when we would like to spend our cash on other things.

However, it’s not all about us, so here are our three cheap and easy top tips to keep you warm, while saving those pennies.

1. Wrap up to stay warm

This of course does not mean carrying the duvet around the house with you or jumping in a sleeping bag on the sofa. It’s simply putting that hoodie or woolly jumper on, ditching the shorts for some joggers, or even buying a nice stay at home onesie. If it means you can lower the thermostat by a couple of degrees or push back the time you put the heating on each day by half an hour, it’s definitely worth it.

2. Close the curtains or blinds

When the warm air in your home is allowed to circulate across the cold glass of your windows, it’ll get much colder.

So, a simple solution to prevent this is to close yourself from the outside world by closing your curtains or blinds when the nights start to draw in.

Always remember the heavier the curtains, the better they’ll be at insulating your home and keeping it cosy and saving you more money!

3. Don’t be daft and get rid of the draft!

This might sound obvious, but a great way to keep your home warm is to keep those cold breezes from outside the house getting in! So, start to investigate and track them down and seal them before they’ve had a chance to do so. So, it might just be running your hand around the edges of your doors and windows to see if you can feel cold chill. Draughts beneath doors can be sealed up temporarily with a long draught-excluder, and permanently by adjusting (or replacing) the door in question.